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     Our Skin System is a great solution for customers that would like to add glass panels or a skylight to an existing structural framework.

     This product has most of the features of our 350, 500, and 700 series except the main rafter is not structural (it needs to be supported by the existing structural framework – most often steel or wood).

     Since structural load calculations may not need to be done this can provide a very cost effective solution to adding a skylight to your project. This product seamlessly integrates into new or existing projects and can be a real asset to changes made late in the construction schedule.

     The photos above feature the curved frame Series 500, glazed with bent 9/16" HS Lami. It is supported on two sides against the walls, and at the columns which support the Walkway Cover Canopy. The Walkway Canopy is our Skin System applied to the existing support beams.