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 Gammans Series 400 & 800 Tru-Arc Barrel Vault framing system provides a true curved sightline rather than a segmented vault. Tru-Arc Skylights utilize an innovative hybrid system that combines the visual aesthetics and structural integrity of a true radius frame with the cost effectiveness and quality of flat glass.

No splices in the direction of the slope mean an un-penetrated, un-jointed guttering system for positive control of condensation and weepage. In order to keep the smooth graceful arcs of curved frames architects have been forced to choose between budget breaking custom bent glass or inferior plastic glazing with its higher maintenance and 7-12 year lifespan.

This system provides a smooth joint free sightline with a unique method of integrated internal clip connections with no visible screws or brackets. This system also provides less fabrication time and shorter lead times and more glazing options are possible using flat glass.

Now architects that want to add a curved barrel vault skylight do not have to sacrifice options, quality or budget.

The 400 rafter is 4” deep and the 800 is 8” deep, thus allowing it to meet much greater spans and loading conditions. We have also created an adapter system for these frames to be glazed in curved or bent glass as well as large straight spans without bending.

Tru-Arc has been Hurricane Tested, which includes air, water, structural, and impact resistance using insulated glass.